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Notes on Abbreviation of Publisher Names in CSE Style

The rules for abbreviating publisher names are presented in Appendix 2 (p 747-750) of the 6th edition of the CBE style manual.  The manual is on reserve in the library (call number: Ref T 11.S386 1994).  Its reference is presented at the bottom of this page. 

Here are some rules:

  1. Omit the following:
    • Definite articles, e.g. "The," "Les," "Der," "Die," "Das," "El," La," etc.
    • of (unless part of the names of professional organizations)
    • de (unless part of the names of professional organizations)
    • Co.
    • Inc.
    • Ltd.
    • Press (except University Press, as noted below)
    • S.A.
    • Verlag
  2. Abbreviate "University Press" and "Univ Pr."
  3. Treat initials in publisher names as you would initials in author names (no periods).
  4. Terms with widely known-abbreviations can be replaced by them.  Some common abbreviations are given below. 

Some Common Abbreviations





Abstracts Abstr Laboratory Lab
American Am Mathematical Math
Annual Annu Microbiology Microbiol
Association Assoc National Nat
Biochemistry Biochem Nuclear Nucl
Bulletin Bull Organic Org
Chemistry Chem Physics Phy
College  Coll Review Rev
Environmental Environ Science Sci
European Eur Scientific Sci
International Int Society Soc
Journal J University Univ

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