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Modern Language Association Style - Introduction

This section of the Online Citation Guide deals with citing information in the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style.  MLA style is the most common citation style; it is used in English and many other disciplines.  

The MLA citation style has two parts: in-text citation and a Works Cited list.  The in-text citation includes signal phrases and parenthetical citation.  It connects the information in the text with a source listed on the Works Cited list.  

The Works Cited list is included as a separate page at the end of the document.  The title "Works Cited" (in plain text, not italicized, underlined, in quotes, or otherwise enhanced) is placed at the top of the page and is centered.  A blank space is given, followed by each of the list entries.  Each list entry has a hanging indent style (i.e. the first line is flush with the left margin, but all subsequent lines are indented).  Entries are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the author, editor, or other individual who is listed first.  For that reason, this name is reversed, and all other names are in normal order.  If there is an entry that begins with a title, the entry is alphabetized by its title (ignoring a, an, or the). 

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The MLA's Home Page doesn't provide a complete style manual, but it does have a style FAQ for recent publishing issues.  

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