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Notes on Citing Multiple Selections from Anthologies in MLA Style

See the Citing Selections from Books for information on citing exactly one selection from an anthology.   

If you cite more than one selection from an anthology, you can cross-reference the individual selections and save some space.  

To use such a cross reference, you will have at least three Works Cited list entries: one for the anthology itself, and one for each of the selections.  Remember that the Works Cited list is ordered in alphabetical order by author's last name; do not list all selections from an anthology differently.

Cite the anthology as an individual book[Example]

Cite each selection according to the style below[Example]  [Example] 

The components of a Works Cited list entry for a selection from a book (when there are multiple selections from that book), listed in the proper order:  


Formatting Details

Author(s) of the Selection
  • For the first (or only) author, first include the author's last name, followed by a comma, followed by the author's first name.

  • If the author's name has already been listed on the Works Cited page, do not list it again.  Instead, use "---" for all works other than the first.  List all the works by an author alphabetically by title.

  • For two or three authors, list the authors in the order in which they appear on the title page.  Do not reverse the names of authors other than the first.  Follow each author's name with a comma and precede the last author with "and."

  • For four or more authors, either list all the authors as with two or three authors, or cite only the first author listed on the title page, followed by ", et. al."

  • If the book is a corporate or institutional publication, give the name of the corporation or institution as the author. 

  • If there is no author, but an editor or editors instead, list the editor(s), followed by "ed." or "eds."
  • If the work is anonymous, start the citation with the title (and alphabetize it based on the title.)
  Period (.)
Title of the Selection
  • If you are citing a selection from an anthology, Enclose the title of the selection within quotation marks.
  • If there is a title within the title, use single quotation marks (like apostrophes) for the shorter title.  
  • The period goes inside the quotation marks. 
  • If you are citing an introduction, foreword, preface, or afterword, simply list the element being cited.  You do not need any italicization, underlining, or quotation marks.   
  Period (.)
Editor of the Anthology
  • Include the last name of the editor.  
  • WHAT IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE EDITOR???? does any of this below hold?
  • If there are two editors, use "and" between them.  
  • If there are more than two editors, follow each editor with a comma.  
  None (a single space)
Page Numbers
  • Give the page numbers of the selection you are citing.  
  • Separate the first and last page numbers with a hyphen (-).  Do not write "pages," "pp," etc.   
  • You only need to give the last two digits, unless more are necessary, i.e. 205-12 but 295-303.  
  • If there are no page numbers, write "n.pag."
  Period (.)

Read the Notes on punctuation and spacing and on italicization and underlining.

Citation Examples (from The Ready Reference Handbook)

Bone, Robert.  "Ralph Ellison and the Uses of Imagination."  Cooke 45-63.
Cooke, G. C., ed.  Modern Black Novelists.  Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall,
Tibble, Anne.  "Chinua Achebe."  Cooke 122-32.
(Dodds 333)

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